A LegaSee representative will reach out to learn more about you and the story you wish to tell. After getting to know you, our producer will curate a unique set of questions for your interview. From calming your nerves to advising what to wear, we will do everything to prepare you for the day of filming. 


We will typically treat you to

coffee, lunch, or drinks! 



The 2 to 3 person LegaSee crew will arrive with professional equipment & set up in your home - respectfully and safely of course! Then it's showtime!  Our producer will have a casual conversation with you making sure we get all of the necessary information to tell your story. 

Usually takes 4 to 6 hours total. 


While scary at first, most find the filming day quite exciting & therapeutic.



This is where your story really comes to life. We take the long interview and condense it into a carefully crafted  personal documentary using photos, music, color correction and all the other post-production tools to make you look and sound your best. We focus for hours behind the computer to get it just right! 


When you click play for the first time. 

It's your own movie premiere. 


Why hire you over other companies?

We provide a new age cinematic touch on legacy videos. We also provide skilled video professionals in all areas where other companies are a one person company. It shows in the final product. 

What are your COVID-19 policies?

We follow all state mandated guidelines. During filming we will wear masks and keep our distance. For those that are uncomfortable, we encourage you to wait to film until 2021. You can book in advance.

Where do we shoot the videos?

We prefer to shoot in your home because it adds a nice personal touch to the videos. If you are uncomfortable with that, we will book a studio which will come as an added cost. 

Why does it cost so much?

This is your own personalized cinematic home movie. A lot of time goes into the production process and we hire talented video professionals that will give you a uniquely crafted final product. 

Why do I need this?

This is preserving your life and memories where photos and videos can't. It allows you to leave a digital footprint forever. It also makes a perfect gift for loved ones to let them know how you really feel.

Is this just for the elderly?

No! That is why we are different. We embrace storytelling whether you are 5 years old or 95. Everyone is unique and we'd rather hear the stories as they happen. No one is guaranteed tomorrow.

How long are the final videos?

Depending what package you purchase, a final video can be between 10 to 40 minutes. If we feel the video needs to be longer, we make that judgement call and do not charge extra.

What do I wear?

No logos, patterns, stripes or plaids. Nothing shiny or reflective.

Avoid too much makeup. Keep it simple and wear something that makes you feel confident and comfortable.

What questions do you ask?

Every video is different! We curate an interview that is specific to your video and story. From there, it is a natural conversation that can lead anywhere. We do recommend brainstorming some stories tho.

Do you travel?

We do! We are based in the Chicagoland area so anything outside of the city or state will come with an additional fee to transport our equipment and filmmakers.

What should I prep before filming?

Make sure to have the area we are filming in somewhat clean. Start collecting photos and videos that will be in the video.

Look your best for that day. We will take care of the rest!

Why can't I just use an iPhone?

Yes, you can. However, the quality of storytelling will greatly suffer. These are important videos so let us take care of it. We have years of  storytelling experience, the equipment and most importantly, time.

The person I want a video for passed away, can you still make one?


We can have their memory live on through the

stories of their loved ones.

How many people can be in a video?

As many as you would like!

Please reach out and we can quote you whether it is 5 people or 25.

How long is the shoot?


On average, a film shoot will take

4 to 6 hours depending on which package you purchase.

How long does a project take?

From first phone call until final delivery, a video can take between

2 to 4 months. We pride ourself on our attention to detail so we finely craft each step of our production process. 

Oops. I said something that shouldn't have been said in the interview. Can we take that out?

Of course! These conversations can go many ways and some unwanted things might be said. You are the director and you get final say what makes it in. Just let us know what to leave out! 

How do I pay?

To book a filming date, a non-refundable $200 deposit is required.

After that, half of the remaining cost is due up front and the other half after final delivery. We accept PayPal, checks and debit/credit card.

How do I receive my finished video?

We will send a downloadable digital link. We can also send a USB with the file for an additional cost. We STRONGLY encourage your video to be featured on our YouTube channel to live on forever. 

Do I have to memorize answers?

No, it is preferred if you came in thinking about the subject of the video but be prepared for a natural conversation. If you are very camera shy, we will let you take a glimpse at the questions. 

Don't see your question? Reach out and we'd be happy to answer!